Sunday, 31 January 2021

Watercolour illustrations for Farm Memories Aqua paint activity

Very happy to share another fantastic collaboration with the team at Relish.

A passionate company developing and creating products and activities that aim to bring joy and connection to people with Dementia. Their mission is to help improve the overall wellbeing of people with Dementia by providing fun, meaningful activities that help build their relationships with their families, friends and caregivers.

I think the Aquapaint ranges are so thoughtful and inventive! Users can paint by brushing the white sheets of cards with water and experience the pleasure and enjoyment of the feeling of painting by watching the pictures magically appear!

I created a series of Farm yard themed illustrations to be used in an Aquapaint range.

Great care and attention to detail is taken by the Relish team when developing and creating these products. The illustrations had to set the right tone for their audience. Be clear, colourful & vibrant, as to be engaging, without being childlike or patronising. 

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